Submission Guidelines:

Consideration of Submissions

All submissions of writing and artwork will be considered for publication in our FYI Teen News magazine and website.

Materials submitted for publication should meet our standards for empowering, encouraging and/or entertaining teens and young adults. Our worldview is Christian and we reach out primarily to a conservative Christian market so submitted material should be acceptable to that audience for consideration. Finally, while submissions do NOT have to be Christian-themed, if scripture is quoted please note we only use KJV.


FYI Teen News has a no-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Please include complete sources for all quoted material.


FYI Teen News seeks to be uplifting and discourages any submissions which are directly disparaging to others (such as personal attacks on an individual or company). However, we encourage submissions which present issues from a Christian worldview which may present opinions and facts in a way that may make those with other worldviews uncomfortable. Presenting an opinion others may dislike is not in and of itself disparagement.


FYI Teen News has no deadlines for guest article submissions. We accept submissions year round. If your article is time-sensitive consider sending two months prior to the event (e.g. October for Christmas-themed articles).

Deadlines for regular columns are worked out with individual contributors.

Age Requirement

You must be at least 13 years of age (or have parental permission) to post your work online and/or be published in FYI Teen News magazine.

Anonymity / Pen Names

Requesting anonymity. If, due to the personal nature of a piece, you don’t want your name published, please check the anonymous box when submitting your work. You may also suggest an appropriate pen name which fits our guidelines above.

We will respect your request and not publish your name in print or online if we choose to publish your submission, but we must still have accurate name and address information for every user.

Do not include last names, names of schools and names of cities/towns in your submission.


FYI Teen News is copyrighted. All materials submitted become the property of FYI Teen News upon acceptance for publication.

By submitting your work to us, you give FYI Teen News and its partners, affiliates, and licensees the non-exclusive right to publish your work in any format, including print, electronic, and online media. However, all individual contributors to FYI Teen News retain the right to submit their work for non-exclusive publication.

FYI Teen News reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, brevity, grammar and to meet the standards of our publication.