Just read issue #10 of FYI Teen News and was SO impressed by the positive nature of everything in there! It weaves humor, practical advice and literature together in an engaging, upbeat read that never sinks into negativity. This is a great resource for today's teen in today's world!

-  Joyce Hollman: Copywriter

Great Outlet for Creativity!

I really enjoy being able to send in some of my work to this magazine and be able to see the work of other kids like me. It's a really great magazine and I enjoy it because...

a) It's free
b) It's clean
c) It's got great content.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants some interesting reading material that's really enjoyable. Also it has delicious food recipes and food is good.

-  Tirzah Lawton:

Excellence at its Finest!!

FYI Teen News is excellence at its finest! The magazine has so many different and interesting things for everyone! It glorifies the Lord and gives the unseen a chance to display their talents.
The founders email back very quickly and put you first. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! Love this magazine!

-  Anna Vuolo: NJ

Inspirational and Intriguing!

I have written a few articles of my own for this magazine, and everyone was extremely easy to work with. I could write an article full of my wild imaginings and it would be accepted with open arms. This magazine is going great places.

-  Lillianna Bennett: NH

Great material!

I appreciate this material and who it’s for and who it’s by! Great work!

-  Pastor Randy Dignan: Missouri

Great, clean magazine!

I have read multiple issues of FYI Teen News and am so happy with the result. This is a great magazine full of funny articles but also very helpful tips. I am looking forward to reading more of these issues. Thank you, FYI Teen News!

-  Brigham Parker: NH

It makes my life just a little bit easier!

As I go throughout my life as a teenager, some of my life has been bumpy and sometimes discouraging. But, when I read this magazine, it makes me laugh, and gives me tips as I run my race, and helps me make my life easier. When I read this magazine not only is it a great help, it also opens up my mind to be more creative. I strongly support this magazine and encourage many more to read it.

-  Elijah C: NH

Something for Everyone

While I enjoy everything about this magazine and what it stands for, something I appreciate the most about FYI Teen News is its wide range of topics. From silly and fun articles to articles of well-written advice and important topics, it appeals to all demographics. They create well thought out, professional, and quality pieces that are most definitely worth reading.

-  Jefree Alanta: NJ

FYI Teen News...Your Go-To Magazine!

I Love FYI Teen News. Nowadays you can't find good reading material for teens that doesn't have innuendo, profanity, and all that other nasty junk. I'd say that it has been awesome to read and I enjoy this material without being afraid that I may see or read something that would scar my brain forever. FYI Teen News is a place where I can let my guard down and just have a relaxing time. A time away from the world and it's many distractions, and just be encouraged. I highly recommend FYI teen news to any teen or any person for that matter!

- Josiah Reynolds: NH


 I was happy to be invited to read the first issue of FYI Teen News on the web. The magazine is very well done and impressive.

The page design is modern, clean and graphically beautiful, making for easy reading on a laptop, tablet or cell phone.

The content is varied and includes light, entertaining articles and real, informative pieces on the tough issues teenagers face. What makes this online magazine special, and sets it apart from others, is its Christian perspective. It offers a positive, uplifting alternative to its young audience, and shows that readers can find real, practical answers to today’s biggest problems in the tenets of their Christian faith.

I’m also very impressed at the clean, concise writing style and the variety of articles and features in this sizable first issue. In the modern world filled with emojis, abbreviations and abysmal writing in general, FYI Teen News is a happy exception that gets it right.

I’m predicting much success for this magazine and the team of young writers who’ve put it together.

- Dennis S. Retired police detective and journalist


You need to read this!

 This online magazine is really well done. The overall look is beautiful and easy to read. And the content is varied and well-written. I loved the review of Beauty and the Beast, and I can’t wait to read more of “Code,” by Raven Fox. I also really like I can read it on my phone, too.

It’s important that this magazine is written from a Christian perspective, too. It helps me to know that other kids are facing some of the same problems I see in my school and in my home town, and that they can find real, practical answers to these difficulties in their faith. I need a magazine like this! I know I do.

- Becky Taylor: Matawan, NJ